In the event you cant take them with you I firmly believe that your pets best interests are served by having them looked after in their own home. This also provides the added benefit of security for your home, care for any other pets (further charges apply) and care of any house/ garden plants.

Customers who use this service may be assured that the cleanliness and standards of the household will be maintained in their absence, with the minimum of intrusion and compliance with all instructions including security, and any of a religious nature.

Booking at the earliest opportunity so as to avoid disappointment is recommended. A 50% non returnable deposit at the point of booking  will be required, I hope you will understand the necessity for this. A home sitting service is available whether  you have pets or not. The necessary insurance and DBS checks are in place for this service.

You can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your dog will be content and safe in his own home with their familiar bed, toys, food and other routines but with the added bonus of a new carer companion and friend to play with. Walks are included within the home-sitting fees.

A home familiarisation visit will be required prior to my home / dog sitting your pet there is no charge for this.

Single or numerous daily home visits may be available if required for pets of an elderly, sick, infirm, or incontinent nature or young puppies (subject to availability). The provision of this service will vary dependent on the pet but may include very short walks or garden toileting, home or garden play or perhaps just some companionship for your pet on their long day alone and something for them to look forward to. I am also delighted to care for cats and other small pets as required and when available.

Please contact us if you have any additional requirements.

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The ​Dog Care ​​​​​​​Services we provide

​​​​​​​Home Sitting

​​​​​​​​Dog Walking

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​​​​​​​Home Visits

Once or twice daily one hour dog walks are our mainstay. However, when available and appropriate longer dog walks are possible. Your loved ones will have the benefit of walking in a variety of locations and will enjoy the company of and socialization with other dogs on their walks. However, dogs who are aggressive or nervous of other dogs can be walked alone when necessary (subject to availability). Dogs will be walked either off lead with your written permission or on lead as required if they have poor recall. It is inevitable that your dog will get dirty upon occasion but they will always be towel dried as best as possible prior to being returned to the designated room in your home. Please note prior to taking up dog walking your best friend I will need to spend a familiarisation session with you and your pets ideally including a short walk to get to know them and them me. There is no charge for this. Or any registration fee for any services offered.

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