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​​​​​​​​​Some Of ​​​​Our Canine Friends

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​The above are a selection of some of my fur babies, some sadly passed and sorely missed like Lulu and Angus on this page and others elsewhere on the site like Scarlette and Tip. Some pictured have unfortunately moved away and I no longer have the pleasure of working with them. They have accessed a variety of our services over the years including walking, home sitting, home boarding and short visits. Some have happily accessed  multiple services over time. Our work of course carries on in the absence of missing friends and I have the periodic pleasure of meeting our new additions including the joy of sharing the puppy-hood of the youngsters. There are now of course the challenges of the new Covid environment but Barks In The Parks will continue to provide excellent service whilst observing social distancing and the use of gloves and masks. We look forward to meeting the new generation of your lock-down puppy's. 

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Millie a happy Lab Oscar and Nala's sidekick and a stick warrior of no small repute. Oh and she loves her mud baths

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Pip Maggie Coco and Pep

Golden Cocker Spaniel


I give you the Kersal Massive from left to right Tilly Lulu Merlin Parker and Bella

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Chester Singing Spaniel all round busy boy and connoisseur of all things Foxy

Molly Chocolate Labrador enjoying a splash


Barks In The Parks group dog walk



Young Wilson the life and soul of the party non stop player and Sidekick to Bobbie Lurcher.

Labrador Dog Dog Grooming near me

The sweetest natured friendliest  Lurcher with a hint of naughty you could hope to meet

Ralf and Rufus

Ludo Alice Hugo Otis and Alfie

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Cocker Spaniel Dog walking parks near me
Group dog walk Doggy Day Care near me

Oscar aka Poskitt vivacious outgoing chappie who waits for our walks on the stairs each day

Jack Russel Professional Dog Care Services Prestwich



The Impossibly athletic unstoppable irrepressible uncleanable Nala

Chester Spaniel


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Shi Tzu brothers Puppy Kennels near me

Otis Boyd Mabel and Alfie

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Barks In The Parks Prestwich

Loving them when yo​u can't

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