​                                                                               Finding a good dog walker or carer

      1) Do you have a trusted family member friend or neighbour with a good dog walker or dog sitter? Ask for their recommendation.

      2) Check out the internet for local dog walker reviews on multiple platforms and if you find one you are considering ask to speak to some of their                    customers, if they are genuine reviews they will try and accommodate this.

      3) Talk to professional dog walkers when you’re out and about they see other dog walkers working on a regular basis and are a valuable resource.

      4) If you have the opportunity when you’re out with your dog study the local walkers find out

      a)  Who's walking too many dogs, typically dog walkers are insured for 6 dog off lead group walks. Some insurers don’t specify number but ask yourself if              you want you’re dog walking with more?  Unfortunately there are some walkers who will walk very many more together

      b) Who's  leaving dogs in vehicles while they are walking other dogs.

      c) Check with the council licensing department that your potential dog boarder is licensed, check your dog walker has public liability insurance and an                up to date DBS check .

     5) It is advantageous for both you and you’re  dog walker to be local to each other, it aids flexibility and reliability and they will be known among you’re             community. If you have an out of area sole trader covering multiple distanced areas it leads to them spending an excess of economically dead time that          sadly is often compensated for by them walking an overly large number of dogs including dog aggressive dogs.  
    6) Consider the vehicle the dog walker uses and how you’re pet will be transported. Do you or they prefer to be in a vehicle with windows or are you                  happy for them to be transported in a windowless van. Consider also how they will be transported within the vehicle and whether you wish to  provide

        harnesses for them to be clipped into the vehicle with.  


    7) Most if not all dog walkers public liability insurance providers require written permission to walk your dog/s off lead. If they haven't asked for this It

        may indicate they are not insured.








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When your pet cant be with you either at home or away I personally feel  having their Dog walker dog Sitting with them in the dogs own home is the best possible option. It also provides the benefit of added security for your home and care for other pets and plants. Home visits are available for cats and other small animals even in the absence of dogs. Home sitting is also available in the absence of any pets.

Working within government guidelines including the use of social distancing face masks and gloves "Barks in The Parks" continues to serve both current and new customers. I'm happy to discuss any safety and isolation regimes you may require. Keep safe, keep well everyone x

In an increasingly busy Covid complicated working world we don't always have as much time for Dog Walking with our beloved pets as we would like, or that they deserve. I  provide Dog care services i.e. Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, Dog boarding (In your home) and whatever exercise attention care companionship  and fun they need in your absence. This may be in the form of daily single or double Dog Walks, Dog Sitting / Dog boarding in your home or single or multiple daily visits. Whichever services you access you will have peace of mind knowing your Dogs care needs are being met and that they are safe  happy and content. I am experienced insured DBS checked (as is required by law to access clients homes) and there is truly no other job that gives me the same satisfaction that I get from Dog Walking and caring for your furry best friends. I can offer a flexible tailored service to suit both your and your pets needs. Be assured your pets safety happiness and well being are of paramount importance to me.

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​​​​​Dog Boarding

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Owners typically have once or twice daily 1 hour Dog Walks for their dogs. Walks are  enjoyed in a variety of locations and can be tailored to the age health fitness and type of dog. Ball and Frisbee play can be included where appropriate. Dog Walks are for a minimum of an hour and transportation time is not part of their walk time. Dogs will never be walked in overly large numbers and each will get individual attention.

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I'm proud to say Barks In The Parks has maintained our "Three Best Rated" website Best Manchester Dog Walker Award for another year.

Barks In The Parks mission is to forge lifetime relationships with you and your pets