Barks In The Parks Prestwich

Loving them when you can't

Gorgeous Red Setter dog

​​​​Canine Friends


The Mookster

Red Setter
Shi Tzu collie cross
Golden Cocker Spaniel

Mr Chuckles an exuberant happy friendly young fella without  a nasty bone in his body, lives life to the full at 100mph. Loves making new doggie friends and always up for a game of chase whichever end of the game he's on. Happy with his walker with or without his ball. He says life is one long wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and you know what I believe him.

Lulu, the princess, queen of all she surveys and if its edible its hers! actually even when it isn't she thinks it is. In case your in any doubt that's her licking her lips in anticipation of eating the camera. Lulu has a full repertoire of songs about how shes going to cuddle the very next cat she can meet. At least I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt on her wanting to cuddle them.

Shadows a  typical lovely happy Doodle with a friendly disposition, bags of energy and always ready for a cuddle, a chase or the total annihilation of any of my loafing gloves. Loves the water and mud, lots and lots of mud and then some. Oh go on alright its your walk girl.



China's another of my mature friends but lots of walks and good company and love keep her young both physically and mentally. She loves a bit of play chase with her walkers, is a massive character and despite the loss of her lifelong doggie companion she soldiers on. She's a great lady with a lot to give, and its always a pleasure to see her happy face.

G is a typical Lurcher who covets his stuff, and ermm my stuff oh and your stuff as well, its all his but he's such a character and a massive cuddle muffin (when his mates aren't looking) you just cant help but forgive him.

Mr Chuckles


Mr "T" A brave little soldier and my friend

Grey Lurcher


Black Labradoodle
Cute Sharpei dog
Handsome Bull Terrier dog

A precocious little madam full of character and fun despite her mature years and always ready for a game, a cuddle, her daily walks or a random lunge at eating my nose. What a lovely loveyl lady. .

Cute little Chalky

I think I love you Uncle Gary

China Girl


Buster and Buck AKA the whirlwinds. Exuberant, happy typical lads always getting their noses into trouble, and getting me covered from head to foot in mud. Full of fun and energy (but don't let them near your gloves) Poor old Buck has had more than his fair share of health issues but he's such a happy lad its humbling how he puts up with it and keeps smiling.